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News for fans of ex- Bullfrog and Lionhead developers, and similar games.

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Lionhead and Random House are partnering to add more Fable novellas and digital short stories. We have a copy of the Balverine Order and while the writing quality isn’t top notch, it’s a fun distraction and extends the usual Fable universe.

Fable: The Journey’s box art has been released:

Dene and Simon Carter respond to criticism of the game (they no longer work on it), but suggest they are at least pleased that people feel strongly about their creation.

VG Revolution have a hands on of Fable Heroes from PAX East.

Mike Langlois at Gamasutra talks about why how failing in games can be fun, with specific reference made to Incoboto.

Molyjam 2012 is over. There are 250 brilliant games to play.

Molyjam 2012 is over. There are 250 brilliant games to play.

Peter Molyneux at the Molyjam


Three quick updates:

Arstechnica have a nice write up of the Molydeux game jam that’s happening this weekend. See more at What Would Molydeux

22 Cans is hiring, and the job descriptions suggest PM’s working on some sort of Facebook / social media game. PM’s always been about finding ways to reach a larger market - I think it was him who used to love talking about Solitaire being the most successful game in the world. We gave up on Facebook some time ago for all its privacy shenanigans, so colour us sceptical but interested.

REALLY EXCITED! PM and Cliffy B are advisors in a competition that aims to bring the old Fighting Fantasy books to life. Steve Jackson who wrote half of the FF books was a co-founder of Lionhead, so all the more reason for excitement.

Version 0.01 of Corsix-TH released

The open source clone of Theme Hospital is getting closer and closer to completion, and has just left beta. We enjoyed Beta 6 very much this time last year, so we’re really pleased to see this progress towards the complete (and improved?) game.

Tong Zhang over at MobileTechReview offers advice for playing Incoboto:

Be sure to listen to the whispers of fallen heroes; their advice can really help. Learn to play the game one-handed. It will help in later levels when you’ll need your other hand for screen manipulation.

It’s rated 5/5 on all fronts - graphics, sound, controls, and gameplay.

In other news, Dene tweeted the other day that whilst an iPhone version might appear one day, it wasn’t going to be in the foreseeable future.